Caption: Developing prototype tools for citizen security at TechCivica Mexico

We're Hiring! Product Manager!

Want to help the internet work for democracy for a change? We need a product manager with global vision.

We’ve got a new job opening on the team - NDI’s first-ever product manager. NDI needs someone committed to the vision of adapting or creating tools that can scale to serve thousands of organizations that make up critical pillars of democratic society - local governments, elected officials, civil society groups, and political parties. While the product manager will be the primary leader of our DemTools initiative, they will also work on new ideas for scaleable solutions to common development challenges, including distance learning, digital manuals, and big data analysis.

We're looking for somone who loves wearing different hats. You'll have to communicate complex topics effectively to non-geeks; ride herd on a team of in-house and external coders; work in our Agile process; serve as a public face of DemTools; engage with strategic technology partners like Amazon Web Services; gather market research; and ensure our clients are delighted.

This role will be in the middle of the collision between sometimes-antiquated political organizations and 21st century digital citizens. This whole idea of scaling products for the international development sector is a radical innovation; we need passion and vision for how cloud tech can benefit millions around the world. Building product disrupts the existing assumptions and systems, and NDI's new product manager will be orchestrating the whole show.

If this sounds like you, send in a resume!