Caption: Citizens monitoring election data in Zambia

We're hiring! Paid internship!

The NDItech team is looking for an ambitious, hard-working new team member.

Exciting news, readers! NDItech is offering a chance for you to become involved with our team. Thats right, NDItech is hiring an intern for the Spring of 2017! This paid position will provide an in-depth look at the role technology plays in politics and democratic development worldwide.

If you are familiar with our blog, or with the National Democratic Institute as a whole, you know we work in over 60+ countries to support and strengthen democratic institutions. The ideal candidate will have a background in international development, political organizing, or government, and have the skills or curiosity to take on a technological approach to today’s political issues. With NDItech you will have a wide range of experiences such as working with our regional teams on programs across the globe, learning how to implement our democracy software DemTools in upcoming elections, attending events, blogging about current technology tools, and managing the team’s social media accounts, just to name a few.

This position is available immediately, and comes with a team of hardworking, loveable geeks who are always looking towards the future of technological advancement. If this feels like a good fit for you, please apply!