Elizabeth Sutterlin | June 22, 2021
Join NDI on June 23 for a discussion of our new white paper on digital ID and political participation.
Koi fish in a reflecting pond
Madeleine Nicoloff | January 29, 2021
Third of the DemTech Series: Trying to Think Positive About 2021
NDI cybersecurity exercise in Kenya
Chris Doten | January 19, 2021
2020 was terrible. Here's why I think 2021 might be better.
Brainstorming city priorities and next steps.
Jared Ford | January 31, 2017
OpenGov & Technology in Mojokerto, Indonesia
Brainstorming city priorities and next steps.
Jared Ford | January 19, 2017
OpenGov & Technology in Tangerang, Indonesia
Citizen leaders discuss issues critical to the city
Jared Ford | January 12, 2017
OpenGov & Technology in Pontianak, Indonesia
Sophia Sokolowski | September 16, 2016
A discussion with Martin Luther King III and senior leaders at NDI on pre- and post-election challenges
Morgan Frost | July 15, 2016
Victor Hugo Salcedo reflects on USAID’s Digital Development Forum Central America
Conflict Map
Morgan Frost | February 26, 2016
Technology’s Place in Peace, Security and Democratic Resilience
The Digital Divide
Morgan Frost | February 23, 2016
Still a Chasm in 2016
The Beeck Center for Social Impact & Innovation
Nathaniel Kim | November 19, 2015
Changing Paradigms in Developing Development
Diego Rivera Mural at Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City.
Jared Ford | November 6, 2015
NDItech discusses DemTools for parliamentary openness and electoral accountability with a global audience