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By NDI Tech | April 2, 2017
Using technology to tackle citizen security challenges in Mexico
By NDI Tech | June 3, 2016
Torn between your love of politics and your love of tech? We’ve got the job for you!
Tablets used with Enketo, FormHub and GeoODK
By NDI Tech | August 21, 2015
Using tablets, structured forms, and Enketo to get the facts on an election
By NDI Tech | August 20, 2015
The Next Big Step for Campaigns: Taking Mobile Canvassing Technology on the Road
By NDI Tech | April 28, 2015
How the Tech World is Responding to the Earthquake in Nepal
By NDI Tech | March 30, 2015
News and Notes Roundup: March 30
Woman on cell phone
By NDI Tech | March 26, 2015
Citizen Loop: Voter Engagement Through Mobile Feedback Loops
By NDI Tech | March 18, 2015
A Renewed Vision: DemTools 2.0
By NDI Tech | February 19, 2015
Zambia Elections: Using Facebook for Targeted Messages
By NDI Tech | August 8, 2014
Towards a Standard Open Decisions API
By NDI Tech | August 4, 2014
Technology Strengthens Citizens Watchdog Role in Indonesian Elections
By NDI Tech | June 5, 2014
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