Jason Baumgartner

Software Engineer

Jason Baumgartner

Jason Baumgartner is a Software Engineer with the National Democratic Institute (NDI) where he works with enterprise architecture projects as well as ICT Demtools projects. Jason has worked in a wide range of fields, including being a Data Analyst for OneRiot, a Boulder, CO based search engine company headed by Elon Musk's brother Kimbal Musk. Jason has also been a director for three Anheuser Busch distributors in Washington D.C., Anne Arundel and Montgomery County, MD. He regularly contributes to the open-source community and is heavily involved in data-mining and big data research. He has made many open data contributions to researchers at universities such as Cornell, M.I.T., Harvard, Michigan State and Berkeley.


Jason's Posts

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By Jason Baumgartner | January 27, 2017
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