data clerks in front of computers
Sarah Moulton | October 10, 2017
Live dispatches from the ECC's "Data Hub"
POECI Agents de Données at work for Côte d'Ivoire's 2016 Legislative Elections
Chris Doten | December 18, 2016
Chris and Sarah share vignettes from Cote d'Ivoire's election day
CCMG data clerks managing communications
Chris Doten | October 17, 2016
Social media connects you to everyday citizens in powerful ways - but doing it well is a whole lot of work.
Sophia Sokolowski | September 16, 2016
A discussion with Martin Luther King III and senior leaders at NDI on pre- and post-election challenges
Data clerks chasing observer data during #ZambiaDecides General Election 2016
Chris Doten | August 17, 2016
A view from the ground - mostly the data center - during the hotly contested Zambian general election 2016
Sophia Sokolowski | August 15, 2016
Your Weekly Update on Technology, Democracy, & Cool Things
CCMG data clerks chasing information from the 2015 Zambian election.
Chris Doten | August 11, 2016
Belt AND suspenders, people. Predicting failure when failure isn't an option.
Your Weekly Update on Technology, Democracy, & Cool Things
Sophia Sokolowski | August 8, 2016
Your Weekly Update on Technology, Democracy, & Cool Things
Uganda field office staff
Chris Doten | August 11, 2015
From Strategy to Tactics - Assessment and Planning Trips
Christine Schoellhorn | August 6, 2015
Contact Management in the Congo
Enabling officials, political parties, and civil society groups to connect with their constituents online
A data management platform to support citizen election observation and large-scale structured data collection