Jade Collins | August 12, 2021
CrowdTangle is a versatile tool that has many use cases
Elizabeth Sutterlin | October 28, 2020
Top weekly tech headlines curated for you
Chris Doten | August 15, 2020
One way to fight disinformation: providing validation of the truth
Building a network of open internet advocates who champion democratic values for the internet
Democracy organizations working to ensure the tech industry embraces democracy as a design principle
A civic education platform engagement games at scale for civic organizing, political inclusion, & more
Evan Summers | May 22, 2018
Talking transparency and accountability with civic innovators across Latin America and the Balkans
NDI Tech | May 5, 2017
Through the FixMyCommunity platform, citizens and officials in Kosovo have a new way to solve local problems
Enabling officials, political parties, and civil society groups to connect with their constituents online
A data management platform to support citizen election observation and large-scale structured data collection
Chris Doten | June 8, 2015
We're Hiring - Intern Needed!
Evan Summers | May 15, 2015
News and Notes Roundup: May 15