Learn where the candidates stand on the Issues
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Learn where the candidates stand with the NDItech Issues webapp, which presents candidates’ positions on key issues via recorded YouTube videos and allows citizens to ask them questions directly. Politicians’ video messages hone media presentation and communication skills. Citizens can “vote” with a thumbs up or down or engage in dialogue with comments. The candidates’ statements can also be shared via social media, enabling civic groups to connect voters directly to their political leaders and open new avenues of communication.

How to Get the Tool

The Issues tool can be installed and configured via the developer documentation listed below. In order to install the Issues tool- you will need basic comfort with systems administration. If you are not able to host your own instance of Issues, NDI can offer fully-hosted versions of the tool, for free, to partner organizations and individuals who meet certain criteria. If you would like an NDI-hosted version of Issues, please contact NDItech at


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