A DIY Human-Centered Design Toolkit

Human-centered design frameworks start by identifying who a product is for and then placing them at the center of the product strategy. The Co/Act toolkit adapts and expands this approach to design digital products, services, or campaigns through modular do-it-yourself style activities that are aggressively low cost, high impact, interdisciplinary, and focused on building the capacity of participants. Co/Act will help you design more powerful products, services, and campaigns by centering them on your community, stakeholders, and colleagues - ensuring that the end result is more inclusive and therefore democratic.

Are you ready to design your next product, service, or campaign with Co/Act? Take a look at the individual modules below or view the full toolkit here.

Co/Act Modules:

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Use Co/Act
  3. Ecosystem Mapping
  4. Identifying a Target Audience
  5. User Personas
  6. User Research & Assumption Testing
  7. Brainstorming & Ideation
  8. Rapid Prototyping & Usability Testing
  9. MVP Backlog
  10. Acknowledgements