Organize your supporters with Civi
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Organize your supporters with Civi. Based on a streamlined version of the popular open-source database CiviCRM, Civi allows parliaments, political parties, and civic organizations to organize events, contact or survey supporters via SMS, reach large audiences via blast email or printed mail merge, and track engagement. Previously, these tools were available only to large political campaigns; now small organizations anywhere in the world can tap into the power of organizing data.

How to Get the Tool

The Civi tool can be installed and configured via the developer documentation listed below. In order to install the Civi tool- you will need basic comfort with systems administration. If you are not able to host your own instance of Civi, NDI can offer fully-hosted versions of the tool, for free, to partner organizations and individuals who meet certain criteria. If you would like an NDI-hosted version of Civi, please contact NDItech at