News and Notes Roundup: March 16

News and Notes Roundup: March 16

It’s Monday, so of course that means it’s time for another NDItech News and Notes Roundup. As we creep towards March Madness and you all begin to fill out your brackets, take a few moments to gain some inspiration from this week's tech and tech4dem links. As always, be sure to check us out on Twitter, Facebook, and our blog site,

This week in tech history, in 1995, the world’s first Wiki, WikiWikiWeb, was created as Ward Cunningham invited people to add and edit content. Cunningham has said the inspiration for the name Wiki came from the Wiki Wiki Shuttle bus he learned of during a trip to Hawaii. Six years later, Wikipedia was launched, although Cunningham had no official involvement. Also this week in tech history, the first internet domain was registered by Symbolics (, a Massachusetts computer company. Since its creation in 1985, has changed owners and is now run by a small inverstor group based in Dallas, Texas. It is the first and oldest registered domain name out of approximately 275,000,000 domain names in existence.

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