News and Notes Roundup: Feb. 10

News and Notes Roundup: Feb. 10

Definitely a day late and more than likely a dollar short, we’re back with another edition of the literary masterpiece known as the NDItech News and Notes Roundup. Since we are already running tardy, we’ll spare you the usual loquatious introduction and jump right into the good stuff. As always, feel free to tweet or email us (@nditech/ with any hot tips.

We will keep this roundup’s look back into “Tech History” short and sweet. Although many interesting tech-related anniversaries (such as the first long distance telephone call!) take place this Valentine’s week, perhaps none has had more of a recent impact than the launch of YouTube. Exactly 10 years ago this week (February 15th to be exact), the world’s 3rd most popular website (trailing only Google and Facebook) began its re-invention of the way we view, share, and talk about videos.

Now, time for the links:

Popular Tech News:

  • Our cars are more hackable than we thought, U.S. Senate report finds

ICT and Development:


  • What the Ubuntu phone could mean for open source

  • Recommendations for better user testing of mobile products for women

  • Turning smartphones into mobile disease clinics

  • Tracing Ebola vaccine distribution using mobile phones

  • Nigeria phone subscribers top 136 million - up from just 400,000 analog lines in the year 2000