News and Notes Roundup: April 20

News and Notes Roundup: April 20

April showers bring more NDItech News and Notes Roundups. Forget about the cherry blossoms and all the freshly bloomed flowers around town, it’s our compilation of the freshest links in popular tech and tech4dem that really make this season so great. As always, feel free to tweet or email us (@nditech/ with any tips for keeping our roundup hot as the weather continues to warm.

This week’s look into “Tech History” begins with a notable release that occurred 22 years ago on April 22nd (which also happens to be Earth Day for those who weren’t already aware). On that day in 1993, version 1.0 of the world wide web’s first graphical interface software, Mosaic, was released. Although obviously things have come a long way since then, Mosaic will always be the browser perhaps most credited with helping to popularize the world wide web. Another notable anniversary this week comes on the 23rd of April. That will be the 10th anniversary of the first-ever YouTube video. In case you were wondering, the video is called “Me at the zoo”, and currently has over 19 million views despite not being all that interesting.

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