Hello World!

Hello World! - Kayla Branch

Hello world! My name is Kayla Branch. I recently graduated from Phelps ACE High School in Washington, D.C. While attending Phelps, I took a class on Cisco/IT Essentials trade, which later led to a certification in that trade. While I was in high school I applied to do an internship over the summer with DCPS. This ultimately led me to NDI where I am now an intern for the NDItech team.

In the fall of 2017 I will be attending Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia, where I will study Psychology. While striving to receive my degree in Psychology I will also be studying Criminal Justice. After receiving my degree in both Psychology and Criminal Justice, I will take all the necessary steps to become an FBI agent in the Behavior Analysis Unit (thanks to watching Criminal Minds every night). Aside from watching TV shows pertaining to psychology, criminal justice and law I like to play volleyball.

I played volleyball during high school where I was too short to be a hitter but I could definitely set the ball. Another thing I enjoy doing is traveling. While I have traveled to many states within the U.S. the best experience I’ve had traveling was when I went to Brussels, Belgium. This was a life changing experience that I will always cherish. With hopes that one day in the near future I will travel to 30 countries in 3 days (kidding!!), I look forward to working with NDI this summer and hope to gain an irreplaceable experience while I am here.