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Hello World!
Digital Democracy

Hi everyone, my name is Ben Lynch and I’m joining the NDItech team as the newest project assistant. My journey here began growing up in New Jersey as a math and science kid determined to become an engineer, followed by a move to Houston to attend Rice University where I found out I was much more passionate about foreign policy and politics (with some philosophy on the side). I’m excited to work with a team that combines these interests, and particularly one that is so cutting edge. Most of what we work on here barely existed 15 years ago, which is a reminder of how fast technology and the internet have changed things and how much potential they have to continue to do so. NDItech has impressed me with their ambition to take potentially revolutionary tools and work on getting them to regions where they can solve age old political problems.


As I begin working here, I’m looking to learn more about democracy and governance as I work toward a master’s degree in that exact field at Georgetown. I was led to the field by my fascination with political systems around the world, and the realization of how many issues in areas ranging from foreign policy to human rights and economic development are linked to poor governance. I’ve enjoyed traveling as a way to learn more about countries, and am particularly interested in the Middle East and Africa. Among other places, I lived in Egypt for a semester in 2012, and most recently spent a couple years teaching math as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Lesotho (get excited for the Lesotho June 3rd parliamentary elections!). When I’m not obsessing over global politics or attempting to learn new languages, I’m out running or playing frisbee, or following the Yankees or my newly adopted DC sports teams. As a newcomer to DC, I’m excited to get to know the city and try laying down roots after a lot of moving around, and I’m excited to do it as part of the NDItech team!