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Civil society organizations, elected officials, and political parties are most effective when they can communicate with, understand, and respond to the needs of their members, constituents, and supporters. Unfortunately, many of these organizations lack the strategic communications and digital tools for effective outreach and mobilization.

Even when these groups do have full lists of members or access to the voter registry, they often lack a centralized platform for managing and tracking the history of their interactions with individuals or outside organizations. As a result, these critical democratic institutions frequently struggle to tailor their mass communication efforts, identify their most important supporters, or track the history of member activities. It was with these challenges in mind that our team leveraged the popular contact management database CiviCRM to help organizations keep track of their audiences in a centralized location, replacing paper files or scattered spreadsheets.

Although all organizations can make use of some of Civi’s more central features, different groups and organization types use the power of Civi in very different ways. For that reason, our team developed three different “flavors” of the Civi DemTool: CiviParty, CiviSociety and CiviMP. Each comes with pre-loaded groups, tags, events, reports, contact types and custom dashboards to suit the needs of these common partners, but each individual site can also be customized to fit more specific needs.

In the past year, more than 50 Civi sites have been created for NDI’s partner programs and used by political parties, election monitoring groups, members of parliament, and other civil society organizations around the world. Civi has been successfully deployed in Ukraine, Iraq, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Burma, Macedonia, and Mexico. Over the past several months, our suite of Civi tools has been met with significant enthusiasm. With the feedback we’ve received from users, our team has been able to improve the functionality of each Civi tool, including translating them into Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian. Join our livestream as we unveil DemTools 2.0 on December 9 at the Carnegie Library!