Aegir Beavers

Aegir Beavers
Conference photo
Just wrapped up a great time at #NYCcamp. NDI hasn't participated in this particular open source hootenanny previously, and I was really impressed. We’ve been long-time supporters of open source software, of course, but it’s fun to see all the people together in action. I was invited down because of our work on Aegir,  the open source platform-as-a-service (PaaS) system that we've been actively using for the last year. I had the opportunity to share some of NDI’s experiences with CiviParty in the DRC (post forthcoming!) and Ukraine and with The Issues in Colombia

There’s a lot of clever ways in which the Aegir community was advancing their project, like DevShop, a develop/test/deploy system, and integrating WordPress (!) with it; it's a really vibrant group. Aegir 3 has just dropped, which is really exciting for us. While the system has worked relatively well over all Aegir had its share of bugs and glitches that make things challenging for us, and the move to Drupal 7 is a big leap.

Just hanging out with these interesting people was fun, and I love the synergies that come out of it. I finally got to meet in person Guillaume Boudrias with Praxis Labs, who does a lot of Aegir support for NDI, and Mathieu Lutfy, the head of translations for CiviCRM; we've been collaborating lately on Arabic and Ukranian work. It was at a Civi Code Sprint in CA two years ago I first met Christopher Gervais and we schemed up the seed of an idea that evolved into the DemTools project. Can't wait to see what comes out of this year's interactions!

Hanging out with all the hip geeks I learned of a number of cool new tools - for our more technical readers I’ll share some highlights in the next post.