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The NDItech blog provides a platform for NDI to engage in ongoing conversations about the important and increasing role technology plays in politics and democratic development. The blog is managed by NDI's Technology Programs team, NDItech.

NDI provides technical assistance to our democracy partners around the world including political parties, legislatures, civic groups, other organizations and individuals in more than 70 countries. Our programs help these groups strengthen democratic institutions, safeguard elections, advance citizen engagement, and promote open and accountable government in their countries. The ICT team assists NDI partners and staff members around the world integrate technology tools into our democracy assistance programs in innovative and sustainable ways.

Over the last 15 years, the NDI ICT team has created and evolved ways to integrate technology tools into programs in dozens of countries and in all of NDI's program areas. This blog is a place for us to share our work and contribute to the democracy and development communities. We’ll use it to engage in conversations about the role of technology in democratic development, share experience, and provide whatever assistance we can to people around the world struggling for their rights and democratic societies.

We hope this blog will be useful to people around the world engaged in the ongoing work of building democratic societies – whether they are working to defend basic human and political rights, create space for political action, use technology to institutionalize and support democratic practices and partners, or are technologists seeking insight into some of the challenges groups face when trying to use tools to achieve their political or social goals.

For more information on NDI's technology programming, see the Democracy and Technology section of the NDI website.